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The Looking For A Third


This is not a show about adult fun time... well it is, but just not what you're thinking of you randy bugger! 

Tanya Chainey and Rodney Beckford are the hosts of The Looking For A Third Podcast.

A show that talks to people in a humorous and irreverent way about their passions and interest. The pair share  their views and thoughts with their guests and listeners, flavoured by their own likeable charisma. Every episode, at the very least will make you smile. If it makes you laugh, record it and play it back to yourself when you're feeling down. 

You might learn a thing or two from the guest, but not from Tanya or Rodney, they're both idiots! 

a picture of the two host of the show

Welcome To
The Looking For
A Third

The Looking For A Third Podcast, is a comically entertaining show hosted by these two idiots, Tanya Chainey and Rodney Beckford. In each episode the jovial funsters talk to interesting, engaging, and passionate people about their pastimes and interests. Well... it's only people Rodney knows really, but it is the perfect show to listen to while doing something else, like walking the dog, working out, picking up the kids from school or disposing of a dead body. Join us in this new series for the good conversation, and stay for the laughs and the very funny bit's tucked away at the very end of each episode. 

Tanya Chainey

"I bring a bit of style and class to the show"

Tanya is a presenter, voice over artist, comedic actor and personality with numerous film, television and theatre credits. She's also got all her Girl Guide swimming badges and fire starter badges from a summer spent in Paris. But insists she had nothing to do with the Notre - Dame fire. She's also the proud owner of a number of bags for life from M&S, but actually shops in Morrisons. 

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A picture of Tanya Chainey show host
Parallel Lines
picture of co-host Rodney beckford

Rodney Beckford

"I do literally everything"

Rodney is an accomplished portrait photographer,  writer and stand-up comedian. He's been to Edinburgh and has won a number of awards. None were for comedy, but one was for Sunday school attendance and he also won £10 on a scratch card once. The world famous comedy festival wasn't actually on when he visited Edinburgh in November. However, he's had all his shots, likes a belly rub when you get to know him (he's a little nervous around new people) and will no longer embarrass you in the street by stopping to lick his privates. Mostly because he can no longer reach them. 



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Go on give us a listen...
I dare you! 

All ten episodes of  season one are now available either here or wherever you get your podcasts from. Season two is currently in production. 
(Please listen or we'll have to get real jobs) 


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